Who are the RV Guys???

Laird Kellie has been an RV user and enthusiast for over 25 years. He has owned several RVs, traveled all over the country, attended many RV shows, and studied the industry like no one you will ever meet.  Don Saber, National Sales Manager, is a retired Sales Executive, and brings to the company incredible sales ability and experience.

When Laird anticipated retiring from his bank job, he went looking for a solution to the two greatest problems that plague RV owners: Comfortable Mattresses and Black Streak Cleaner. He found both, and for 5 years has been helping folks truly enjoy the world of RVing.

The RV Guys offer a great replacement for the poor quality mattress typically provided by the manufacturers. They were able to convince Simmons to make their signature product, the Beautyrest, in a short queen (60” x 75”) for the first time. So far the RV guys have sold over 300, and the customers absolutely love them

The “Oh Yeah” Black Streak Cleaner is made by a major chemical company that specializes in industrial cleaners and car wash products. Laird convinced them to make a special formula and package it with the RV Guys label. When Laird first tried the product, he declared “Oh Yeah, now that really works great!”.  So that was the origin of the name. Now a major RV manufacture, many dealers and lots of RV owners are in love with the product. And the RV Guys will continue to work with the chemical company to develop other products for RVs.

The RV Guys are dedicated to focus on products that are 1st class, that solve RV owners’ greatest concerns, and help make folks truly “Happy Campers”.